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SelectHealth has updated their spacing policy for well-care visits to remove the 12 month spacing requirement.
Between birth and age 12, there are no limits for well-care visits.
Between ages 12-18, the limit is now 275 days, rather than 365.




  • Well visits, ADHD and ADD visits, sports physicals, scout physicals, and consults require NO LESS THAN 24 HOURS NOTICE of cancellation. 

  • Same-day sick visits require NO LESS THAN 3 HOURS NOTICE of cancellation. 

  • We will charge you, not your insurance company, a no-show/late cancellation fee of $50 for 1st occurrence, and $100 for 2nd occurrence. The fees will be applied in the event that you either miss your appointment or do not allow the amount of time required for canceling the appointment. 

  • Patients who no-show for a double visit (more than one family member scheduled together) will be restricted from scheduling double appointments in the future and charged a total fee of $100 ($50.00 for each patient) for the 1st occurrence and $200 ($100 for each patient) for second occurrence.



We offer flexible payment plan options. Plans range from 4-8 months depending on the size of the balance. Please contact our billing department for details by calling (801) 621-1701 and choosing option 4. 

We are happy to file insurance claims for your reimbursement as long as you are free to choose your pediatrician per your insurance coverage provider. 




In order to make our services accessible to patients lacking health care coverage, we offer a 30% discount for self-pay patients who pay at the time of service. Patients without insurance coverage are not required to apply for the self-pay discount in order to obtain treatment at our office. If payment is not made on the date of service the price will be the same as that billed to insurance companies


Self pay patients will be identified when they make the initial contact with the office. A self pay patient is defined as a patient who:

  1. has no healthcare coverage of any kind, including federal and state health care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, or other insurance coverage such as insurance provided by school, AFLAC, or homeowner’s policy;

  2. does not claim third party liability for the patients health care treatment;

  3. is not eligible for worker’s compensation coverage; and

  4. has no other responsible party covering the expenses associated with the care received from our office.

  • If a patient claims to have public or private health insurance coverage but is not able to produce verifiable insurance identification, or if the insurance information provided is for a commercial insurance plan in which our office does not participate, he or she will not be designated as an eligible self pay patient. 

  • Self pay patients will be required to pay the total amount on the date of service to receive the 30% discount. 

  • If the balance is not paid in full, the 30% discount does not apply. Arrangements must be made with our office to pay the full price of the visit.




Your newborn baby is usually covered under their mother’s health insurance policy for the baby’s first 30 days. Check with your insurance as this varies.


Many insurance companies will only cover your newborn after the baby’s first 30 days if and when you contact your insurance and/or your employer directly to enroll the baby. If you are enrolled in a state program, kindly contact your caseworker. Please do so immediately.


If you miss the deadline to enroll your newborn it may be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to enroll your baby under your plan until your insurance plan’s next annual enrollment period. Therefore, at the time of your baby’s 2-month physical examination, you MUST have proof that you have obtained the baby’s coverage. THIS ID card MUST be presented at your baby’s 2-month physical.


If you do not have this ID card, we will ask you to reschedule or remit payment at the time of service. Having this ID card as proof of coverage is the best way for you to ensure your insurance will pay for your baby’s check-up and vital immunizations.


This policy is to protect you from the financial hardship associated with the costly vaccines which are given at the 2 month check-up.

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