Anticipating the Costs

Your new baby needs routine well care and immunizations to maximize health and prevent illness. Most insurance companies are now required to pay 100% of well care exams and immunizations. However, there are still some plans that do not fall under these requirements. We recommend that families carefully check benefits with their insurance company prior to well care visits. This may help alleviate unexpected costs and assist in budgeting funds to pay for your family’s health care needs.

We suggest considering the following questions about your insurance policy regarding well care coverage:

  • What is your coverage for well care exams? Are there any limits or exclusions?
  • Check to see if your insurance plan covers all of the first year well care visits recommended by the AAP (shown below). 
  • What is your coverage for immunizations? Are there any limits or exclusions?

All insurance companies require that you add your newborn to your health insurance coverage within 30 days of birth. Failure to do this may result in no coverage for newborn or pediatric care for the first year of your child’s life , and you will be responsible for all charges.Please contact your insurance company or your Human Resources Department as soon as possible to add your newborn to your insurance policy. Once you have added the baby to your policy, please contact our business office so that we may update our records.

Please review the average well care and immunization costs for an infant’s first year of life shown below. These charges are an estimate of the average well care and immunization charges and are subject to change based on changes in immunization cost etc.  In addition, charges may be higher for new patients or complicated visits which may require more physician time. 

Please note that we require payment at time of service from those who do not have health insurance, or whose insurance does not cover well care visits and/or immunizations. If you have any questions regarding well care or immunization charges, please contact our Business Office at (801) 621-1701 option 3.

What Are Average Well Care Costs for a New Baby’s First Year of Life?

2 Day Average Hospital Stay at birth (physician only)


3 Day Well Care Visit & Bilirubin Test


2 Week Well Care Visit & Newborn Screen


4 Month Well Care Visit & Immunizations


6 Month Well Care Visit & Immunizations


9 Month Well Care Visit & Immunizations


1 Year Well Care Visit & Immunizations




Common Newborn procedures: Please reference the Procedure Code when inquiring about coverage with your insurance company.

54150: Circumcision


17250: Umbilical Cauterization


41010: Incision of Floor of Mouth


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