We are excited to announce our partnership with

Child Health and Development Interactive System: CHADIS



  • CHADIS is designed to assist in the early diagnosis of developmental, social, emotional, and behavioral concerns as well as a variety of health risks that can otherwise be difficult to ascertain during a typical visit. Utilizing questionnaires supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics, CHADIS is a web-based diagnostic and tracking tool that was developed at the Center for Promotion of Child Development through Primary Care by Johns Hopkins University faculty members.
  • By completing these questionnaires prior to your child's appointment, your child's pediatrician will be able to review the results and be ready to discuss them with you during your child's visit. 
  • An added benefit for you is that the forms are filled out online and at your convenience.
  • We kindly request that you complete these questionnaires at least 7-10 days prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Pediatric Care of Ogden strives to meet the needs of your children's physical and emotional health. CHADIS helps us provide specific personalized care for your child.

The CHADIS website is fully HIPAA compliant; data is encrypted and password protected. Pediatric Care of Ogden is the only group with access to your child's information.

Here are the steps to access the questionnaires for your child(ren):


  • Select the button specifying you are a NEW USER (or click on “I have used CHADIS before” if you have previously registered and are completing any subsequent questionnaires)
  • Enter our invitation code: 8016211701 (our office phone number)
  • Fill in your information and create a Password to complete your registration. (If you do not have an email address, CHADIS will create a username for you)
  • Enter your child’s information (Remember this information is kept private and is HIPAA protected. Your information will be stored securely)
  • Select Take Questionnaires
  • Select the medical provider your child will be seeing and the appointment type. (We have already customized the questionnaire(s) based on your child’s age and specific needs)
  • Complete the questionnaires.
  • Don’t forget to click on Send It; I’m Done at the end of each questionnaire.

For more indepth information regarding CHADIS please visit CHADIS PARENT FAQ



Request Immunization Record ONLY. Include patient's name, date of birth, and where you would like it sent.

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